AT Trek is BACK! They have returned from their journey and below they have shared a look into their trip. We can’t wait to hear all of the stories from their hike!

On their quest, our brave Hante explorers left as strangers, unsure of what challenges and victories awaited them in the woods, but they returned with a tight bond, and new names given to them by the stars: Dookiemin – our incredible dookie cake baking backbone, who kept us on the right path, and righted us when we strayed onto the left path, Clothespin – our man with the wide intelligence and the never ending story, whom only sometimes lost our wonderful friend Philip the Pigacorn; Aperture – our eye through the lense, who led us bravely through many legs of our journey, and captured memories via our supplied picture box; Wrong Pipe – our Skittle loving jester, found often choking on his words and various food items; Moosh Feet – the man with the raisin feet and the steel will, who always had a story to tell, and a journal in hand; Yeetus – the optimistic bard with a constant song in his  heart, whom lifted spirits and always made sure it cooked out.  Beginning as strangers, our crew quickly evolved into a single consciousness known as DCAWMY, and crushed 70 miles through the Appalachian wilderness.  The rest, they say, is history!