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JUL. 12, 2019

Hante Boundary Waters Update

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We just got back from spending 16 days on trail exploring the Boundary Waters of Minnesota learning about and getting to know the environment around us. We spent our days paddling and portaging 150 miles in the wildlife and beautiful scenery we’ve called home.  Looking back on our trip we have countless highlights, some of which include sunrise paddles, waterfall naps, and enjoying  pancakes cooked over the fire. We can all agree this trip has taught us to be the best leaders we can be and to keep pushing even if we had blisters on our feet, were dehydrated, or surrounded by mosquitoes. Something about stepping into the wilderness brought the 7 of us closer than we could have imagined. Without our amazing instructors we would not have been able to do things like taking an impromptu half day where we made quesadillas, swam, and sunbathed on rocks. Overall the trip was a blast. The days felt like weeks and the weeks felt like days. We are excited to bring home not only our tans and fiery muscles, but also our new friendships, memories, and love for the outdoors.