Update Number 1:

This is a direct translation of Update Number 2. Translated by the lovely Rocks and Rivers Instructors.

Non-backpacker translation: Hante Rocks and Rivers has just finished up our 30 mile trek of the Appalachian Trail! We hiked with mountain views as far as the eye could see and some days as close as the fog could cover. We spent a sunrise at the Wesser Bald Tower for a 360 degree view of the fog covered mountains below. Christian was convinced the tower was home to the allusive Bigfoot. Bobby turned his plate into a frisbee and Seqouyah spent many hours searching for his missing chopsticks. Ava,  Hazel, and Chloe opened up the groups High/Low Package to reveal socks, chocolate and other goodies to share with the group. Olivia sported a very blue fashionable rain suit and Liam avoided crushing at least a few snails on the trail. We all smell terrible except for Asher who brought a whole stick of Old Spice into the back country. Jenna packed to much cheddar cheese and Jake was determined as the biggest threat if we were all in the Hunger Games.  The AT did not disappoint and we have now officially landed in the beautiful Linville Gorge for climbing and can’t wait to get started!


Update Number 2:

Disclaimer: This was cleverly written by the Hante participants. Read on at your own risk!

Backpacker Translation: In 30 miles and 5 days we went from Maine to Georgia NorthBound and completed the entire AT!!! We searched for Barefoot, Alfredo attempted to lure him with summer sausage, and yet we only found his tree house at Wesser Bald. It was fantastic for seeing the sun rise. Flip Flops turned his plate into a frisbee and Butterfingers managed to eat at least some of his Juicy Rice, despite consistently dropping his chop sticks. Positively No Throw PNT Punt, Sumpy and Slingshot pealed Lil Dwayn to eat his sweet sweet insides. Dory was styling in her rain suit and bucket hat, and Triple G has not killed a snail in 3 days. We all smell terrible, except Old Spice because he has his Old Spice. Yaha brought too much cheese and Belch would be killed first in the Hante Hunger Games.