Bonjour from France,

I am writing this blog post from the top bunk of a hostel bunk bed. A nice, relaxing wind down after our 10 mile hike. Today is our first day backpacking, there are sore feet and sweaty clothes to prove it. C’est la vie, the views of distant quaint cities and hundreds of cows make it worth while. Our days of hiking ahead are exciting and even more so the food. As happy as we are to be on the trail it is hard to forget the city living of Paris and Le Puy en Valey. We saw all the sights to see, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc du Triumph. While practicing our French along the way. More highlights of the trip have been the Statue Notre-Dame de France and the Rocher St-Michael d’Aiguilhe, both in Le Puy. All of us are ready for more exploration! Hope that you all are well at home.
Au revoir,
Hante France 2019
P.S. If you are still with me let me describe to you, in detail, the delicious food we have had on this trip. Meal 1: Quinoa Salad. A perfectly seasoned mix of pineapple, quinoa, tomato, lemon and massaged kale strewn in a bowl amongst toasted french bread crutons aside a bread and butter combo. Yummy to say the least. Meal 2: yes, you guessed it. The classic french bread and cheese. With a quick look  around the city,  a bakery grabbed our attention, and 6 baguettes later we were done with lunch. Important not to forget the perfectly ripe cherries to maintain that balance of carbs to veggies. Meal 3/the rest: The rest of our meals have looked similar to meal 2 an undoubtedly irresistible combination of bread meat or cheese that is the delight of any visator to France. I look forward to the many meals to come.
Bon Appetit Nesters!