welcome to Hante boundary waters

Sunday, July 14, 2024-August 2, 2024 (meets at Eagle’s Nest Camp)
For participants completing grades 8th through 11th grade in Spring 2024
Cost: $6,100 + return Airfare

Explore the pristine wilderness that has been shaped by glaciers, utilized by heroic paddlers, and inhabited by diverse plant and animal species. To do so, you will first hop in vans at camp and journey westward over the mountains and across Tennessee, towards the St Louis arch until you arrive at the mighty Mississippi. From there you will head north alongside the river to the meeting point of Lake Superior and the Canadian border, in Minnesota, where you will transition from the modern-day vehicle to the original water vessel: the canoe.

For the next 10 days, you will paddle with your group, engaging in both individual, partner, and communal experiences as you traverse the serene waters together. Over the course of the trip, you will learn about how these unique freshwater landscapes came to be; how the travelers before you planned and executed their own journeys through these routes; and how such perseverance, on a diversity of levels in both the past and the present, can be applied to life beyond the trip.

Trips Goals and Highlights

  • Learn about the deep and important history of the Boundary Waters
  • Camp along and connect with some of America’s most prominent bodies of water such as Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River, and the Missouri River
  • Tour the St Louis Arch, “The Gateway to the West”
  • Travel across six to seven different states
  • Spend up to ten days paddling one of the most protected natural areas in the country

Boundary Waters Itinerary

  • July 14th: Arrival at ENC
  • July 15th: ENC departure, paddle and camp at Land Between the Lakes
  • July 16th: Tour the St Louis Arch, camp along the Missouri River in Hermann MO
  • July 17th: Drive north along the Mississippi River, camp at the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge
  • July 18th-20th: Arrive at Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, explore the history and culture of the region
  • July 21st-30th: Paddle through the Boundary Waters
  • July 31st: Climb on the cliffs overlooking Lake Superior
  • August 1st: Drive south to Illinois, camp along Lake Michigan
  • August 2nd: Fly out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Boundary Waters Equipment List:


Detailed PDF of Boundary Waters Equipment List Coming Soon


To apply for a Hante Adventure:

All Hante participants and their parents must complete a Questionnaire before being considered for acceptance. (*) Select Hantes have an application deadline of November 15th and are not eligible for the Early Bird Discount.  Rolling admittance pending availability after November 15th for (*)Hantes.




All Added Adventure, Hante Adventures, and Junior Counselor participants and their parents or guardians must complete all questionnaires before being considered for the program. Questionnaires are available with registration on CampDoc.   

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