COVID-19 Preparation

As summer approaches we are growing more and more excited about welcoming campers to Eagle’s Nest! We are eager to provide an opportunity for children to get outside, be with friends, relax and have fun!  To do so, it’s important that we work hard to keep our participants, staff and our community healthy.

Throughout the last two years we have worked diligently to create plans that are in line with guidance and recommendations from the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Camp Association (ACA), and the Transylvania County Health Department. As we have all learned since the pandemic started, situations continually change and guidance is fluid. As such, our procedures are also tentative and subject to change.

For the summer of 2022 we are requiring all staff to be fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19 (unless they have an approved medical or sincerely held religious exemption). We are also highly encouraging all participants to be fully vaccinated and boosted as well.

Unvaccinated participants will be required to receive a PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and will need to show proof of a negative result. All participants and staff will receive a rapid antigen COVID-19 test at arrival and again 24-hours later.

 We recommend that families consult with your medical provider if your child or a member of your household is at higher risk for COVID-19 complications to assess the risk of attending camp. Families who are not comfortable with the increased risk of contracting COVID-19 should not attend camp this summer.

COVID-19 Updates

Health and Medical Information

The staff at Eagle’s Nest Camp works to give the best possible care to our campers. Whenever the medical staff feels a camper needs help that they cannot provide (e.g. x-rays), the camper is taken to a local medical provider. If the Camp Director or health care personnel deem that the injury or illness is of a significant magnitude, we will contact the family. This would include sutures, fractures, serious sprains, antibiotic or steroid use, a fever, or stay of greater than 24 hours in the Health Hut (Infirmary), or multiple visits to the Health Hut for the same illness or malady.


The Health Hut is open four times a day for sick call and children taking medications. Campers who need bed rest will be checked into the Health Hut under the supervision of the Health Hut staff who are trained and certified medical professionals. All staff are trained with a minimum of First Aid and CPR.


Your child’s health and well-being is very important to the staff at Eagle’s Nest Camp. From planning nutritious meals and age-appropriate activities, to stocking our Health Hut, we keep the unique needs of children and teens in mind. To plan well, we need to be aware of your child’s allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences, and medical history in advance of your child’s arrival.



All campers and staff members are required to have up-to-date immunizations. Exceptions are only made for bona fide religious or medical reasons. Please contact us to apply for an exemption. COVID-19 vaccination and appropriate booster(s) are highly recommended.


Proof of Medical Insurance

All campers must have medical insurance. Please upload a copy of your child’s medical insurance card – front and back – to your CampDoc account. If your child is not covered by insurance, you must obtain temporary insurance for the time period they are attending Eagle’s Nest programs. Many insurance providers offer inexpensive temporary coverage.


In case of an accident or illness that requires medical care, prescriptions or supplies beyond the services provided by our Health Hut, the family’s insurance will be billed. Any co-pays, prescription costs, or charges not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the camper’s family.


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Lice Treatment

On opening day of each camp session, each participant is screened for lice by a professional lice screening and treatment service. We do screenings on opening day so that we can catch cases of head lice prior to it becoming a cabin-wide or camp-wide problem. For campers with tight, small braids, they do not need to be removed for the lice check.
If lice are found on your camper, The Asheville Lice Treatment Center (ALTC) will treat your camper for lice and Eagle’s Nest will bill you the $250.00 cost of treatment via your camper’s canteen account on We will provide the ALTC with your contact information so that they can contact you within 24 hours of treatment to provide you with an email with detailed information specific to your camper’s case and guideline for your home care. Eagle’s Nest will also email you directly within 24 hours of the opening day screenings to inform you that lice were found, your camper was treated for lice, and the cost of the lice treatment. Eagle’s Nest will also schedule ALTC to return to camp for a recheck of your camper a week after treatment.



In order to provide the best care to our participants we require all prescriptions to be processed by a pharmacy in daily time of day multi-dose packaging (unless unit dosage packing is recommended by the pharmacist) or blister packs. These are medications pre-filled by a licensed pharmacy into individual, daily packages that are sealed and labeled for each calendar day of the session, which your campers is attending. Blister packs provide clear packaging and labeling of multiple medications in a disposable, punch card format. This type of packaging organizes the camper’s medication according to the daily dosing time and prevents having to work with multiple bottles. Medications are grouped together based on calendar day and time of day for dosage administration.

We require this medication packaging program as it supports the disbursement of medication throughout the camp session. Should campers arrive on opening day with medications not packaged in accordance with these guidelines, we will have a member of our Health Hut staff package medications appropriately. Should blister packs be required, we will provide these at a cost of $20 per camper, which will be deducted from the camper’s canteen account.


Prescription Medications

Blister packs can be arranged through your local pharmacy. Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that campers arrive with prescription medicine packaged according to these guidelines.


Medications Taken On An “As Needed Basis”

Medication that is taken on an “as needed” basis must be in its original prescription packaging but are not required to be in blister packs.


Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications must be in the original packaging and labeled clearly with the camper’s name but are not required to be in blister packs.

Inhalers, creams and ointments, epi-pens, and liquids must be in their original packaging and labeled individually with the pharmacy prescription. If your child uses an inhaler for asthma, please send two to camp. One inhaler will be kept by the child and the other by the Health Hut.

All medications, including vitamins, are kept in the Health Hut and dispensed by the Health Hut staff. If your child takes medication throughout the school year, please contact the camp office if you are considering a change for the summer. We find it is best for campers to stay on those medications while at camp.



Health Forms

All health and medical forms are available via your CampDoc portal.  Once you are registered and your registration is confirmed by the Camp Registrar, you will have access to health and medical forms in CampDoc.  These forms are located under the “Applicant Information” tab on CampDoc.

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Supplemental Health Forms

ACa health care Provider Form