Hey everyone! I know that we are all cooped up at home looking for cool things to try. To pass the time, I have taken up a project that my high school AP Environmental Science class participated in that I thought was super cool. The project is super simple. Every single day, take a photo in the exact same spot somewhere outdoors. Last week, I started taking a daily photo on the same railing post on my balcony facing my backyard. You could take a photo of the same flower, tree, creek, view, or anything else that captures your attention. If you take the same photo every single day, after a month or so you will have a really cool time lapse of the seasons changing in fast motion! You will be able to see environmental changes you never noticed before. When I previously did this project, I saw one tree go from leafless, to flowering, to having leaves, to having the flowers wilt, and I did not even realize it in real time!

Here are my first 5 time lapse photos. [They start in order from Day 1 to Day 5, with IMG_3513 being the first and 3537 being the last] As you can see by scrolling through them, the tree behind the doghouse in the middle of the frame went from not having any flowers to being in full bloom, just in a few days! Can anyone spot the deer in one of these pictures?

img_3513-450x600-6722133 img_3518-600x450-2921486 img_3529-1-600x450-3444391 img_3535-600x450-8382057 img_3537-600x450-9487149

I think this is a super interesting project that can get us all connected to nature during these challenging times!

Hope to see time lapses from everyone soon!

Sam is a long time camper and staff member. Sam is currently studying Environmental Science at North Carolina State University. At camp Sam teaches campers to get excited about the world around them in classes like WILD and Gardening.