When camper Wyatt H. learned that Eagle’s Nest Camp was cancelled this summer, he decided to take matters into his own hands and do what he could to support ENC.

“My dad talked to me about making sure that camp survived the pandemic. We talked about how we could help and decided to sell birdhouses,” Wyatt said.

After Wyatt and his dad found a bluebird birdhouse plan online, they made a trip to a local lumberyard and picked up supplies.

“I mostly did the cutting with the miter saw, but Wyatt did all of the nailing and drilling out the hole for the birds,” Wyatt’s dad, Jay, explained. “We decided to sell birdhouses for $10 each and immediately had family and friends lining up to buy them to support Wyatt and his camp, from his grandmother to his neighbors.”

Wyatt has been a camper since 2016, and he was looking forward to experiencing his first Added Adventure this summer.

“The plan was for Wyatt to participate in Huck Finn* this summer, and we were all very excited about the opportunity to drift down the river, an experience he would likely not get anywhere else,” Jay said.

Wyatt is looking forward to returning to 43 Hart Road next summer and being around friends, playing sports, rock climbing, and seeing waterfalls.

On behalf of everyone at the Nest, we want to thank Wyatt and his dad for their support!


By Camille Wick

*For the summer of 2021 we have re-molded the Huck Finn Added Adventure into French Broad Escapades. After much reflection we have decided to move away from using Mark Twain’s book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, as a theme for our adventure. We value the book and its place in literary history, but believe that some of the themes are not well suited for a summer camp adventure. Like Huck Finn, the Escapades will center around adventure and will take place on the French Broad River. We’re excited to tackle a new section of the French Broad right here in our very backyard in Western North Carolina. This quest will include daily acts of mischief, delicious food, beautiful sunsets, camper-made river crafts, and refreshing swims. The days will be jam packed with fun and adventure.