Friendship bracelets – Imagine hanging out with friends at camp without your rainbow tangle of thread, tying it into hundreds of little knots to make a neat little design that fits around your wrist? I cannot. I present to you, a collection of friendship bracelet resources.


Let’s do this. There are hundreds of videos and resources out there. Here are a few I found useful.

  1. YouTube video: How to make DIY Friendship Bracelet.

  2. A guide to friendship bracelet knots. (Very important!)

  3. Patterns! 

  4. A little light reading. Consider this your summer camp reading requirement.


Get in, we’re going shopping! There are hundreds of options for friendship bracelet string! I like to use embroidery thread. Don’t forget the box to keep it organized.

  1. Deluxe Kit: Here.

  2. Embroidery floss rainbow pack. Here


We want to see your designs! Tag us on Instagram @eaglesnestcampnc!

By Mims Montgomery, Assistant Camp Director