We are all looking forward to the next time we can all be together at camp! Since we cannot be there in person, let go there in our minds to tackle a virtual escape room challenge. Imagine you and your cabin are about to head to Dolly’s for a treat. As you climb into the van with your cabin mates you can picture that perfect waffle cone with a big scoop of cookies and cream (or insert your favorite flavor here). You can almost feel the rough edges of the waffle cone in your hand with a little bit of sticky, melty ice cream creeping down one side. Before you know it, your counselor is pulling out of the camp driveway and you are singing along to “Country Roads” with everyone else in the van. Just before you get to Dolly’s your counselor hits the breaks. Although the stop was well executed by a well trained Eagle’s Nest driver, you are surprised by the vehicle’s lack of motion. The glorious Dolly’s is just on the horizon. As you look longingly towards the pink hut and its colorful adirondack chairs, you understand why your journey has been halted. Sitting in the middle of the road in front of the van is a mouse, an eagle, a buffalo, and a bear. Click one of the links below to find out what these animals need to allow you to continue on your ice cream journey. (We suggest having ice cream ready to eat at the end of your challenge.)


FLYER (Easier): ENC Escape Room Challenge

EAGLET (Difficult): ENC Escape Room Challenge