Do you remember your first Giving Day – getting to know the person whose name you chose at random, spending time making something heartfelt, and giving your gift at the Giving Day ceremony?

Do you still have the stained glass feather hanging in your window, or the handcrafted wooden box made just for you that sits on your desk? Giving Day gifts are one of a kind and forever cherished.

On July 11th, you’re invited to join the Eagle’s Nest and The Outdoor Academy community for Giving Day 2019 to relive this special tradition with another opportunity to receive a handmade keepsake to remind you of your time at 43 Hart Road.

Giving Day is 24 hours of giving, and we encourage you to rally your friends and classmates to join in the fun. Celebrity staff members are busy creating handmade treasures with you in mind, and these creations will be raffled throughout the day. Your name will be automatically entered into the raffles with each donation!

There are also Tribal and Semester Challenges, so vote for your tribe/semester with each donation. All donations made now through July 11th count toward Giving Day!

Do you want to make a big impact, but aren’t able to make a large gift all at once? You can set up a recurring monthly donation! With any recurring donation you set up (beginning now), the entire amount of your recurring donation counts toward Giving Day. It is a great way to give a smaller amount each month, while making a significant overall impact with your gift.

You can join the “Fire Keepers” by making a recurring gift to Eagle’s Nest and/or The Outdoor Academy of at least $10/month. With your annual gift of $120, you can stoke the fire and join our circle of friends and donors who support the important mission of experiential education in the natural world.

All donations made now through July 11th count toward Giving Day. Want to make your Giving Day gift today? Visit