At camp each activity has a series of “advancements” that guide counselors as they create lesson plans and campers as they learn skills. The Advancements for each activity are multi-tired and give campers the path and goals for growth in their activities as they move through each rank. The ranks relate to the stages of growth for an Eagle: Nestling, Fledgling, Flyer and Eagle. Each Advancement includes skill requirements and also opportunities for service and teaching. Some campers (and counselors) get very excited about advancing through the ranks within their activities and also at camp, so we thought it would be fun to create a set of advancements for staying at home.


When creating the “Stay at Home” advancements we tried to consider activities that relate to our core values: Community, Compassion, Confidence, Nature and Joy. We also wanted to give you some inspiration to bring camp to your home. If you have done so already, please check out earlier blogs for suggested craft activities, songs and other ideas. You can also find a knot tying video guide from REI here and a campfire building video here (please ask for permission from your parents before building a fire in your backyard). This website also has great information about wild flowers.

Have fun and let us know which activities you complete!