As the campers filed into the new lodge with eyes full of anticipation to see their friends perform, chatter filled the air. I saw the cast and crew peep through the curtains with a mixture of excitement and nervousness of going on stage. The costuming and set design team have been working together with the main cast of Mary Poppins to bring the magic of the tale to life for the past three weeks. During the last stretch of the session, we had a few dress rehearsals where the costuming team transformed our young actors into characters from 1910 London. The set design team took some inspiration from the popular Disney movie and put up a very creative and efficient set which stretched through the very end of the new lodge. It was connected with a path made of rocks, stones and tea lights. On one side of the lodge we had the banks house; the other was filled with green Ivy and was transformed into a park. Mary Poppins was seen spreading her magic to not just Jane and Michael but to all the grown-ups and everyone in the audience as-well. 

The performers delivered some very impressive monologues, sang and danced on musical numbers like “a spoonful of sugar,” “the perfect nanny,” “jolly holiday,” “practically perfect,” and many more. At the end of the night, we saw Mary Poppins help the troubled Banks family and taught them to value each other. Through all this, we saw many funny moments and we enjoyed every second of it. As we all made our way back to our cabins I saw smiling faces, skipped strides and the kids still humming  “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. 

By Jahanvi Chopra, Media Intern