We’ve had a wonderful time during Session 2!! It’s hard to believe that it’ll be wrapping up in just a few days. This summer we’ve been excited to welcome back many campers who have attended camp for years. Some of the table families have added up the total number of summers that campers have attended. Between campers and staff, some tables have totals in the 40s – over a span of 100 summers (if they include Noni). We’re also thrilled to welcome the children of camp and Outdoor Academy alums. We even have some campers that had grandparents attend Eagle’s Nest. Of course we have loved meeting new campers, some of whom have come from as far away as California, Maine and France!

Last week was a big week at the Nest:

  • All of the cabins went on 24-hour campouts (a first this summer) and many of them were able to venture off campus for their campouts. Cabin Tree Tops and Cabin 3 camped at Mount Mitchel and were full of stories of the beautiful sunset. Cabin 7 got up early to watch the sunrise and eat pancakes at the top of Black Balsam and Cabin 9 enjoyed playing in the creek. All of the campouts helped campers connect with nature.
  • We celebrated our international counselors and campers with “International Day” during which we learned more about their cultures and ate some pretty amazing dishes from their countries.
  • We celebrated July 4th with skits, more great food, sparklers, and dancing.
  • Huck Finn returned from a week of floating and camping down the French Broad River with fun stories and photos to share!

In the final days of the session we’re looking forward to the musical – Mary Poppins. The campers have been practicing hard for weeks now, the sets are nearly complete, and the costumes look fabulous! It’ll be a terrific show.

We’re also finishing up our Giving Day presents and can’t wait to see what each of the campers and staff members have made for each other this session. I’m sure that it’ll be a magical night filled with surprises.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        By Paige Lester-Niles