We are excited to introduce a new addition to our nature based programming at Eagle’s Nest this summer! This year, every cabin will be spending a full 24 hours on their campout. Older cabins are encouraged to head off campus to explore Pisgah National Forest. Groups will be headed to John’s Rock, Black Balsam, Mt. Mitchell, and more. Campers’ time will be spent enjoying nature and learning essential wilderness skills. We believe that this extended time and emphasis on campout will allow campers to practice the skills they learn and take ownership over their experience. They will set up their tents/tarps and cook at least 2 meals in a backcountry kitchen. Campers will be able to build on these skills by signing up for classes that go on 3 day trips, Added Adventures, and Hante Adventures.

We’ve just returned from our very first campout! The campers have flooded back onto campus with tales of new experiences: hikes up the morning watch trail, M&M pancakes, a silent sunrise hike up Mt. Mitchell, a fairy light fort, an incredible view from John’s Rock, and rainy treks through clouds and streams.  The storms filled the valley all evening and through the night, and many of our groups spent time seeking cover from the storm and wringing out their wet clothes. They experienced the mental and physical challenge of camping out with weather that did not cooperate, and they all came out the other side with more confidence than before. We are so proud of our Session 1 campers!

By Anna Lauria