As the sun shines brightly over us we are almost a week into summer camp. There are some familiar faces and some new ones too, yet all with a beaming smile. Campers are trying their hands on new skills and classes, others are excelling and mastering their previous artistries to advance their rankings. Each cabin is coming together to prepare for the much anticipated overnight campout this coming Monday. This is our way of promoting and encouraging the ENF community to be one with nature and explore all its wonders. As the day comes to an end all of our young campers unwind with exciting and engaging twilight activities such as letter writing, sports, arts and crafts, swimming and much more. To add to the fun we have new and fresh evening activities each night, the most recent one being, a five-minute movie re-enactment of a particular classic kids film. It is that time of the year when we see some old friendships blossom again and the creation of new ones.

By Jahanvi Chopra, Media Intern