As the days become longer and the light beams brightly over us, nature thrives in all its glory. Excitement and joy of reminiscence are shared, and all our campers have eased into the fun packed groove of summer camp. In just a couple of days, some of the new classes have proven to be very productive, egg lab being one of them. Starting with a promising number of kids being enthusiastic about it, the little chefs are now waiting on their pickled eggs to be fully fermented to share the experiment with their peers. The cast of Marry Poppins is polishing their vocals and warming up to perform the final show in collaboration with the costume and set design classes. The production of a musical is one of the most anticipated parts of Session Two and a big part of our community comes together to help bring the vision to life. 

All the cabins inaugurated the beginning of this session with a musical performance for the Air Guitar night. The fun-filled night had some exciting moments shared among the campers over the love for lyrical showdowns and groovy movements. Another evening saw the colors blue, yellow, green and red spread across the campus with the Tribal Hikes. With the excitement still high and going, we are preparing to set out for a Campout this weekend to experience the beauties of nature a little closer. 

By Jahanvi Chopra, Media Intern