Every day we wake up to the sound of the birds and the sun shining above our head, we gather as a group, and as we stand beside each other we grow, flourish and learn everyday. One of the biggest values we uphold at ENC is the importance and the need for a strong sense of community. One fragment of this community was the tribal games. As part of our Sunday activity, campus was divided into a quidditch battle arena between the two pairs of sibling tribes. On the agenda were three things- strike a goal, defend your base, and have fun. During the past week, we also had the pleasure of hosting a guest speaker from the Cherokee tribe who both gave us an insight into the native culture and traditions and mesmerized all the campers with his exquisite flute performance and storytelling. He left everyone in the audience intrigued about his culture and a little closer to theirs.

On the third day of this month, we celebrated Eagle’s Nest International Day. As we stood for flag-raising alongside the flag of the United States of America were flags from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain, India, South Africa, France and many more. To commemorate different countries, cultures and traditions all the meals and deserts of the day were from all across the globe. Starting from English breakfast to Indian curry and finally some Australian savory pie for dinner.

We also had some prospective campers visit for Nesting Day who joined our classes, table families and became a part of our community for the day. As the day unwinds our campers have a very exciting Independence Day to look forward to; while much is kept a secret, some of our little experimentalists are ready to initiate their DIY volcanoes as part of the celebration for sure!

By Jahanvi Chopra, Media Intern