Sipping hot chocolate, with drizzle over a beautiful view, s’mores around a campfire and cozy conversations, its that time of the session again where we go out for some truly adventurous cabin campouts! The campers were encouraged to explore some captivating sites in Pisgah National Forest such as Black Balsam, Mt. Mitchell, John’s Rock and many more. Being in the wilderness gave way for our campers to witness beautiful sunrises, experience hikes through captivating trails and challenge their skills within the habitat. The Junior Counselor accompanying their respective cabins were encouraged to teach a lesson of their choice in their field of expertise. The impressive range of knowledge imparted by these young counselors in the making, motivated our campers to overcome their fears and to take on challenges and more or new responsibilities. 

Through these campouts, we want to enable a more self-reliant way of living among the campers. Exposing them to the glories of nature and the plethora of tools it provides us made many of them more enthusiastic about the upcoming trips with the wilderness classes and programs such as X-Craft, canoeing, and climbing, future Added Adventures and Hante Adventures. As part of the campout, the campers had to set up their tents and tarps with the help of their counselors, cook dinner, and breakfast and finally take in all the beauty around them and have a great time. The weather was kind and pleasant with only a few light showers and a slight chill in the air.  Through it all, the spirits of our campers were high and strong!

By Jahanvi Chopra, Media Intern