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JUL. 26, 2019

Session 3 Update

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Here at the Nest, we are coming to the end of an energetic and happy second week of camp. Campers have had the time to start more difficult projects in their classes and practice their wilderness skills on campout.

X-Craft, a backpacking and wilderness skills class, departed for a 3-day, 2-night adventure in Pisgah Forest. They used the skills they learned over the previous week and a half to cook their meals themselves on trangia stoves, set up their own tents and tarps to keep them dry through the night, practice Leave No Trace principles throughout the trip, and carry all of their necessities on their backs. They have just returned with big smiles and big stories. 

On Thursday, we celebrated International Day, lead by our international staff members and campers. During Flagraising, we learned that New Zealanders say “Kia Kaha,” or “Be Strong,” to one another as they band together after natural disasters. Italians value their food very highly and their phrase to praise food directly translates to “yummy fork!” In Jordan, people use the word “Sadiki,” or “friend,” frequently and liberally. My personal favorite is a Japanese phrase that translates to “even dogs run into poles.” We continued to learn about our international friends through their cuisine. For breakfast, we had a traditional English breakfast of sausages, fried eggs, and beans on english muffins. For lunch, we had an incredible butter chicken recipe from India.  For dinner, we enjoyed Churrasco – an Ecuadorian dish. 

We celebrate our weekends here with a Saturday evening cookout and square dance, and a Sunday of pancakes, all-camp games, and reflection. We are looking forward to another beautiful weekend here in the mountains!

By Anna Lauria