What was the theme for this year’s Final Banquet? Was it Scooby Doo? Toy Story? Apple Sauce or Tie Dye Carnival? I’m sure that everyone reading this is eager to find out. The Final Banquet theme is one of our most closely guarded secrets. Since last night was Final Banquet I can now reveal that the theme was the Greek Gods and tell you that it was a magical night filled with laughter, great costumes, drama, dancing and LOTS of great food!

So what is Final Banquet anyway? It’s just about the most elaborate, creative, dramatic production and party that Eagle’s Nest puts on! It involves a secret theme, costumes for everyone at camp, performances and giant sets across campus. Sometimes it also includes root beer, huge turkey drumsticks and even (gasp) candy. The banquet usually starts with a gathering in Cabin 7 field or the Meadow where campers and staff delight in seeing each other’s costumes. Then it winds it’s way across campus revealing the characters and story and taking everyone on an experiential journey into their imagination. The sets created for Final Banquet are incredible, but they are matched by the drama. Each of the campers and staff members have a role and perform throughout the night.

To get a sense of this year’s banquet check out the photos on Flickr. And if you love magic and drama join us for Session 3 next year!