Eagle's Nest Camp and Hante Adventures Staff 2024

Welcome to the eagle’s nest camp staff 2024!

Our Core Values: Community — Confidence — Compassion — Nature — Joy

Experiential education for young people, promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character.

Thank you for spending your summer helping us fulfill our mission this summer. This will be a challenging, rewarding, and FUN experience unlike any other!

This page will help you get set up and ready for the summer. You’ll find information on onboarding, direct deposit, transportation to camp, and all of the things that need to get done before you start work.

You’ll also find information about staff training, perks and benefits, information about Eagle’s Nest and its rich history, and all sorts of other things you might be interested in about your new summer home.

Staff Resources, Links, Perks, and other important info!

Staff Resources
Pre Camp and Orientation Information

Here you’ll find information about Pre Camp (on boarding, packing list, etc.) and everything we’re doing during staff training this summer.


Staff Bio Form


Staff Perks

Being and Eagle’s Nest counselor comes with some pretty sweet perks. Here are just a few:


More Coming Soon!

Eagle's Nest 101

ENF and Eagle’s Nest camp is an amazing place to work. Learn more about our mission and history here:

Get to know the full time staff here!
Enf’s nearly 100 year history
Learn more about our transcultural commitments and dei efforts



Have any questions?

Contact Lia at lia@enf.org

General Daily Camp Schedule

7:30 — Wake up

8:00 — Flag Raising!

8:15 — Breakfast

9:00 — Cabin Clean Up

9:30 — First Period

10:40 — Second Period

12:00 — Cabin Time

12:30 — Lunch

1:30 — Rest Period

2:30 — Third Period

3:40 — Fourth Period

5:00 — Cabin Time

5:30 — Dinner

6:45 — Twilight

8:00 — Goodnight Circle

8:15 — Evening Activity

Bedtimes vary by age

11:00 — Lights out for whole camp

enf_icon_-19-2I just wanted to send a message to tell you how much I appreciated everyone this summer. I enjoyed every opportunity and I feel so lucky to have worked at such an amazing place. It changed me in all the best ways and I miss it so much already. Eagles Nest does the most amazing things for young people and their staff and I am coming away with the best memories and friendships, and the feeling of being loved.

-International Staff Member

enf_icon_-24-2The best part about camp is that acceptance and community are open to everyone. At camp, every person can be their authentic selves without the fear of judgment that they might have at home or school. One of the first activities that campers participate in is “Air Guitar”. Many new campers are often afraid or nervous to perform in front of the whole camp. However, due to the inclusive and supportive environment of camp, those same nervous kids then go on to participate in things like performing in the camp play or doing comedy routines at “Coffee House”.

– Counselor 2021-2023